Church Re-Entry Guidelines

As the Church, we strive to follow Matthew 22:37-39, “Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

We desire to follow both as we work through this Covid-19 situation. Our hearts desire is to gather together to worship through prayer, music, scripture, and encouragement. And doing this with a heart of compassion and love for others.

Following are guidelines that we are implementing starting May 24, 2020 and asking all to follow so that we can meet safely and show love and compassion to all.

1. If you are running a fever or feeling ill then we ask that you please stay home. If you are not comfortable being around others, then please stay home. Our desire is keep all healthy and at ease during this pandemic. You will still have the opportunity to worship with us virtually on Facebook Live.

2. For all that choice to join us for in person service we ask that you enter through the front door. We will have someone at the door to hold it open as you enter so there is no multiple contact from one to another.

3.As you enter make your way to the sanctuary were there will be certain areas that will designated for you to set. This is to ensure that we are following the CDC guidelines of non family members being 6 feet apart from one another.

4.We ask all persons that choose in person service to wear a mask through the entire service. This is to ensure that as we engage with worship and singing that all people stay safe. We understand that there are some that will not be able to wear a face mask due to health issues. We understand that there are mixed feelings with masks. Our implore to you is thinking and loving others over self. Rest assure if you choose not to wear a mask, we will not call you out or ask you to leave.

5.As you make your way in the church, we will have areas throughout with signage that you can find hand sanitizer. This is for anyone that needs to clean their hands before, during, or after service.

6.We will not be passing an offering plate during our worship service. Our goal is not to have any multiple touching of items from person to person. We will have a box set up as you enter/exit the sanctuary for you to drop your tithes/offerings in. You can also give safely online on our website-

7.We will have our main restroom open for use as we meet for worship. It is located in the room to the right as you enter the church. If you must use the restroom, there will be a sign posted on the door for steps to take to clean after use. If your child needs to go, we ask that you accompany them to the restroom to ensure it is clean after use. Our downstairs restrooms will be closed during this time.

8.As the church, this is going to be very hard, but we ask that there be no shaking of hands, fist bumps, elbow smacks, or hugging. We understand that this is a natural thing for us as the church because it expresses our love for one another. But during this time we ask that there be no contact of non family members. Again, this is out of love for others health, safety, and well being.

9.We will not have physical bulletins for order of service. We have made arrangements for the bulletin to be made available online at our website: You can find it under the tab “bulletin”. It will also scroll on our main screen before worship starts.

10.When service is finished, we ask everyone to stay seated. We have different exit doors for each side of the church. We will dismiss by role to control the distancing that needs to take place as we leave. For those that spouses pick up at the front door, we ask that you stay seated until they are at the door for you.

11.At this time we will not be able to offer nursery, children’s church, Sunday School, or any children/youth groups. Please take this under advisement as you consider in person service. We are putting plans in place for when it is safe for them to meet together in the future.

Attached below is also the Kentucky Guidelines for churches doing in person service. Please read and make your self aware of all conditions required for us to meet.

Kentucky Worship Guidelines.pdf

If you have any question or concerns, please email me at